Monday, August 31, 2015

Inspiration: Metalmorphosis

This public sculpture by David Černý is entitled 'Metalmorphosis', and depicts the likeness of author Franz Kafka.

The piece is more than 30 feet tall, weighs 39 tons and is composed of 42 independently moving layers which are controlled via the internet.

This particular version is located in Prague. But there are alternate versions, including one in Charlotte, North Carolina.


  1. That is so mesmerizing... I could watch this for hours. I have a friend in Prague and one in Charlotte. I need to see if they have witnessed this in person. Thanks for sharing. It is almost as calming as watching water flow.

  2. Damn, Dan... I have WORK TO DO, and I cannot stop looking at this most gorgeous mind blowing sculpture. Thanks Dan. And also not thanks. But really... Thanks.


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